Further updated: Dechathorn arrested

20 08 2020

Al Jazeera reports that Rap Against Dictatorship artist Dechathorn Bamrungmuang – “Hockey”/”Hockhacker” – has been arrested and charged with sedition.

Known for its anti-military government lyrics, Rap Against Dictatorship’s ประเทศกูมี video got millions of views in late 2018 and caused international attention to the nature of the military dictatorship and its rigged election.

Dechathorn was arrested on Thursday, and “brought to a police station outside the capital Bangkok ‘for documentation’, and is expected to be transferred to Samran Rat central station, according to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR).”

It may be that his arrest is for “appearing and singing on stage at recent student-led pro-democracy protests.”

Rap Against Dictatorship “have over 500,000 followers on the video platform, YouTube, and their songs have attracted more than 100 million views.”

The report says that at least four other activists have been arrested over the past 18 hours.

Update: In fact, the political dragnet caught up nine democracy activists. It is reported that the nine were granted bail after being arrested for alleged offenses at political rallies on 18 July and 3 August. Bail was granted when three Move Forward Party MPs, two Puea Thai Party MPs and four academics used their positions to act as guarantors. The arrests represent a concerted and coordinated effort by the regime to squash the rising rebellion.



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