We are all “unblemished”

5 09 2020

In a recent post we commented on the king’s announcement that Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi had been re-elevated to no. 1 concubine-cum-chief consort. That announcement was adamant that she was not a defiled/guilty person. To maintain her dignity, her titles, military rank and royal awards are restored, deemed to have never been withdrawn.

Stunning stuff from a king who is now an international laughing stock. One think is clear, this egotistical king doesn’t bother much about what others think of him. Nor does he seem very concerned that his obsessive-compulsive behavior may exacerbate rising anti-monarchism.

Clipped from Royal World Thailand FB page

Prachatai posts on the reaction in Thailand to this gob-smacking news and uses the word “unblemished” to translate the Thai term we translated as “she was not a defiled/guilty person.” The term is now being used in memes linking it to activists and those currently in jail as political prisoners. They are “unblemished” too:

Free Youth’s Twitter account said that Netnapha Amnatsongsoem was eating noodles near to MRT Yaek Tiwanon waiting to be arrested despite the fact that she was #unblemished. She will be the last of the 15 student activists to be arrested for reading a statement on stage at the anti-government protest on 18 July….



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13 03 2021
This week’s Joke | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] We have to say that such secrecy and backroom wheeling and dealing usually reeks of palace. The return to position as “unblemished” reminded us of another event. […]

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