Rightist royalist

7 09 2020

Thai PBS has recently done a bit of schmoozing for Gen Apirat Kongsompong. It seems to be boostering for him and preparing the ground for his post-Army political career as a royalist and rightist opponent of democratic development. Will Thai Pakdee be his platform? Or is he going to be prime minister after Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha in the near future?


As Army chief Gen Apirat “has stirred up politics and ruffled more than a few feathers during his two years as Thailand’s most powerful military figure.”

He’s been consistent in attacking “politicians” and those who oppose the status quo as threats to national security. He means the monarchy.

Apirat considers the monarchy “vital for Thailand.” He means essential to the status quo. He understands the status quo to be a ruling coalition of military and monarchy, providing the basis for an unequal capitalist society.

He considers those who question the monarchy as not real Thais.

In case you missed it because of the king’s consort announcement, at about the same time, Gen Apirat was “appointed as His Majesty the King’s Special Guard along with the chiefs of Navy, Air Force and Royal Thai Police – all of whom are set to retire at the end of this month…. In all, 68 high-ranking military and police commanders have been appointed to the regiment.”

In “defending Thai soil,” on “Army social-media page,” Gen Apirat declared that he and other soldiers would “fight endlessly to protect the nation, the religion, the King and the people” and included the hashtag #Won’tLetItEndInOurGeneration.” He was challenging the anti-regime  hashtag #LetItEndInOurGeneration hashtag used by student protesters.



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