Judiciary reactivated

19 09 2020

According to reports at Khaosod and Prachatai it looks like the increased political temperature has motivated the Constitutional Court to further political action.

Nathaporn (clipped from The Nation)

On Wednesday it accepted a petition to decide whether activists Arnon Nampa, Panupong Jadnok, and Panasaya Sitthijirawattanakul are engaging in treason under the terms of Section 49 in the 2017 Constitution, by their demands for reforms of the monarchy. It matters little whether the Court eventually throws this case out, for by agreeing to consider it, it is an act of political repression. In addition, the Court’s action means that the accused must respond within a couple of weeks.

Treason is punishable by death.

The complaint was filed by conspiricist, royalist and lawyer Nathaporn Toprayoon who earlier asked the court to dissolve the Future Forward Party with bizarre claims that the party was a secret society associated with the (fictitious) “Illuminati” global conspiracy.

Prachatai states that Nattaporn is a former advisor to the Chief Ombudsman and has previously acted as a lawyer for the People’s Alliance for Democracy, the Thai Patriots Network and other right-wing groups.



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