Reform demanded

20 09 2020

In wrapping up the student-led rally on Sunday morning, a large group moved from Sanam Luang to an area near the headquarters of the Privy Council to deliver their 10 demands for the reform of the monarchy.

Initially, Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul “had asked to submit the demand with a representative of the Privy Council but after negotiations with the police agreed to leave it with the metropolitan police chief.”

The rally leaders had read out the demands at the rally site.

In part, the letter accompanying the 10 demands stated:

The purpose of these demands is not to overthrow the monarchy…. Instead, it is with good intentions to honor and maintain the monarchy … under the democratic system, to sustain [the monarchy]… in the context of the modern world. The monarchy … must not have political powers, must be subjected to checks and balances, must be opened to criticism, and must not burden the people. Therefore, the monarchy … shall exist honorably under an internationally accepted democratic system.

Protest leaders have called for another rally on 14 October.



One response

7 10 2020
Privy Council silence | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] doubt that anyone expected the Privy Council to reply to the reforms demanded of the monarchy, delivered to the metropolitan police chief on 20 […]

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