Still no freedom

22 09 2020

Somyos: On his release

We have been delayed in getting to this post by other events. However, we felt that a recent AFP report deserved attention because it is about Somyos Prueksakasemsuk, a political activist who fought lese majeste and the authorities for years. His long lese majeste story can be read here. It also cites Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa, another activist who stood up to lese majeste and its use by the authorities, and paid a considerable price.

Somyos is said to be inspired and “in awe today as university students spearhead a growing movement demanding reforms to Thailand’s ultra-powerful monarchy.”

At 58, he says the “struggle is not finished…”. He adds: “I’m really proud that our efforts in the past continue… The new generation is discovering the reality — that there is no hope for them under this system.”

Jatuphat on his release. Clipped from the Bangkok Post

Jatuphat (or Pai) also remains politically active. He observes: “This generation of kids is coming out to say what we have not dared say before…”. He attends and speaks at some of the rallies. On the threats: “They used to say we are the black sheep or outsiders of society, but that doesn’t really work any more because the people have woken up…”.

Both think it’s time for change; until there’s change there’s no freedom. Thousands agree with them.



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