Speaking truth to those with power

2 10 2020

Clipped from Khaosod

When Gen Apirat Kongsompong retired and mumbled something about all the good work he’d done reforming the Army, activist Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit was among the few who disputed this. The former Future Forward leader stated that Gen Apirat had not reformed the Army. He promised to. That was after the dozens of murders and injuries in Korat by a soldier. But Apirat did nothing.

He promised to “reform the army within 100 days,” but as Thanathorn correctly observes:

“More than 236 days have passed since the Korat shooting incident that disturbed the whole nation,” Thanathorn wrote. “Under social pressure to reform the army, Mr. Apirat promised to the people to reform the army but until today, those reforms did not take place.”

The politician went on, “Mr. Apirat is part of the elite, and the armed forces are an instrument for these people to maintain their power. The fact that Mr. Apirat did not do what he said may show the intention of the elite – that they do not want to adjust themselves to changes.”

Of course, Apirat has been rewarded by the king for his loyalty to the ruling class and his personal favors for the king.

Clipped from Thai Alliance for Human Rights website




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8 10 2020
Propaganda personified | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] retired army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong has a new job with the king, certainly rewarding his “loyalty.” Yet, according to the Bangkok Post, he has entered the monkhood for one month, at Wat Hong […]

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