Arnon pokes the cobra

6 10 2020

Arnon Nampa has been interviewed by the Financial Times.

He vows that “the protesters would not back down on addressing the divisive and until recently forbidden topic of the Thai monarchy.” He added: “The more you touch the heart of the problem, the more people just come.”

Arnon pokes the cobra: “It’s going to be full on about the monarchy, and we will escalate the protests to the point that we make the government accept our demands…”.

He also criticized the king:

The way he lives outside the country doesn’t sit well with the current system, a constitutional monarchy where the king still has duties to perform such as endorse the law, or needs to be in the country in case of an emergency such as war…

“Constitutional” monarch of Thailand “working” in Germany

The king is due back in Thailand, this time for a longer time in country. It will be an interesting time. As the report has it:

…he is expected to return in time for a holiday on October 13 that marks the anniversary of the death of his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He will stay until at least the end of October, when he and Queen Suthida are due to attend a commencement ceremony at Bangkok’s Thammasat University, … the site of a large anti-government rally on September 19.

Arnon and his comrades have promised that “demonstrations would probably begin ‘around [October] 14’…”.



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