Cartoon king

6 10 2020

In reading the article we recently linked to at the Boston Review, we noticed a cartoon by King Vajiralongkorn. Of course, we’d seen his childlike scribbling before, but we had not made the connection to another post on the “Khok Nong Na model.”

The Boston Review had a link to Khaosod, where all the king’s daubing on this project were reproduced. The first, from the Boston Review version is reproduced here.

We are not psychologists, but the depictions of the king with the sun is revealing of a belief in and internalization of palace propaganda. The idea of the Sun King (le Roi Soleil) should raise concerns about the man’s mindset.

These sketches also raise questions over the unreal view the king has of the agricultural sector, now and in his imagined future.

If the infantile cartooning is reflective of the king’s mind and the way he thinks of Thai people as children, the other question that comes to mind is how it is that officials slavishly reproduce this drivel.



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