Privy Council silence

7 10 2020

We doubt that anyone expected the Privy Council to reply to the reforms demanded of the monarchy, delivered to the metropolitan police chief on 20 September.

Khaosod reports that Arnon Nampa has said “the movement has not heard back from either the government or the Privy Council about their 10-point demands for political reforms.”

The report states: “Protest leaders said at the time that the petition, which called for reforms of the monarchy, had to be heard by the palace, but Arnon said that does not seem to be the case.” He said: “I don’t think it was relayed to the king. I don’t think the government dares to…”.

We would guess that’s unlikely. The traffic between the regime and the king in Germany is pretty regular, so we’d think has a copy as we don’t think the regime would dare not pass it on. In any case, he could download the demands like anyone else.

Arnon says that the protest leaders are still considering “how they will make sure that the demands reach … the King.”

Panupong Jadnok reckons “protesters need to make their voice louder to make the 10 demands heard, and that means more people on the streets.”

This makes the 14 October rally more important for the protest leaders as they must mobilize tens of thousands.



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