CCTV for “security”

10 10 2020

Quite a few countries are going the Chinese way on facial recognition, and not all of them military-backed or fascist regimes.

We note that Thailand’s military-backed regime is feeling its Chineseness too. The Nation reports that the police are “working with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to install an additional 5,000 CCTV cameras in areas prone to crimes in 50 districts of Bangkok, aiming to increase public security…”.

Of course, one thing to observe about CCTV is that they are likely to be a valuable source of income for the big shots involved.

And, there’s also the question of why so many get installed over the years and then seldom work. Then there’s the question of how many CCTVs there are and whether this is recycling and old idea. Back in 2010, it was reported that City Hall had plans to install 10,000 more CCTVs within two years. They were to be hooked up to power supplies from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Then, while there were various estimates, it was stated that there were already almost 3,000 CCTVs that had already been installed in Bangkok.

We get the feeling that creeping fascism is now galloping our way.



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