Arrests and royal traffic operations

13 10 2020

Livestreamed, some 20-24 protesters were arrested on Rajadamnoen Avenue this afternoon.

Khaosod reports that “police officers broke up a small rally held in anticipation for a larger anti-government protest set for tomorrow.” It isn’t clear why “police moved in on the rally opposite the Democracy Monument … while activist Jatupat ‘Pai’ Boonpattararaksa was giving a speech…”.

Police had ordered the protesters to stop their activities because a royal motorcade for the king was about to pass by.

Jatuphat arrested. Clipped from the Bangkok Post

During the police royal traffic operation, a “scuffle broke out between the demonstrators and the police, and blue paint was thrown at some officers.”

Police “said the suspects would be charged with violating the Public Assembly Law for failing to notify the authorities about their rally.”

It is reported that “Jatupat and others were sent to the Royal Thai Police headquarters for questioning.”

One response was that activist Parit Chiwarak “led several hundred people to stage a protest in front of the police headquarters and demanded their unconditional release.”

Another response has been to bring the start time for the main rally forward to 8am.



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