Thailand’s super-queen

19 10 2020

The palace propaganda that developed over many decades has always portrayed royals as “good” and with super intellects. One can never know how intelligent or dull they are because no one could ask or challenge and one never knew if what was in their name was their own thought. We do know that Vajiralongkorn was never very bright.

One of the ways the royals were propagandized as geniuses was was through honorary degrees. The dead king, who had a high school diploma, has a whole Wikipedia page on all the “trophies” he was given, almost all arranged for him by government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He held the “world record” for honorary doctorates at almost 140. Chiang Mai University gave him 14 in one year and in another year Kasetsart gave him 11. He got some of them in areas remote from his claimed “expertise.”

In recent days, Queen Suthida appears to have surpassed King Bhumibol for the number of honorary degrees in one year – in fact, all in one day! She got 19 from different Rajaphat universities at a ceremony where the bosses of all 38 Rajaphat universities showed up to present her with her “awards.” That’s one hell of a super queen!

We are sure that we at PPT aren’t the only ones astounded by such nonsensical posterior polishing. Both king and queen seem anything but sharp in their responses.

As a footnote, it was noticed that about this time, Consort Sineenat went home. Readers will recall that when he was unhappy with her and had her jailed, he also demolished the family home. Presumably it has been rebuilt.



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