Updated: Royal family on the rightist warpath

24 10 2020

In our last post we stated the royal family’s public statement of support for ultra-royalists ranked with previous royal political interventions such as Vajiralongkorn’s support of ultra-royalists in 1976 and the then queen Sirikit’s attendance at a yellow shirt’s funeral in 2008.

The king praising an ultra-royalist: “Very brave, very brave, very good, thank you,” with the queen adding: “We’re so proud of what you’ve done. Thank you so much,” was more than a nudge and a wink. With the queen fist-pumping as she smiled broadly and urged the royalists on, and the king greeting fascist (former) monk Buddha Isara was a clear declaration of war against the protesters seeking reform.

Update: By the way, it is disgusting that the Bangkok Post chooses to view this dangerous and threatening royal intervention as “King, Queen thank supporters.”



4 responses

24 10 2020
Anthony Burnette

The students & demonstrators need help/guidance with strategy. I believe they should appeal to the military conscripts as well as begin a campaign of civil disobedience. Withhold taxes of every kind, starve the government of money. Refuse to cooperate with any authority. Boycott any business or products owned and managed by royalists.
The world is watching and most support the struggle for democracy.

25 10 2020

So far, they seem to have been doing well and coming up with innovative strategies. Pushing further against great odds is challenging indeed.

25 10 2020
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