Updated: Arrests, jail and repression

31 10 2020

Panupong “Mike” Jadnok, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, Patiwat Saraiyaem and Panusaya “Rung” Sithijirawattanakul were supposed to be released on bail last evening. Instead, obviously following orders from regime and probably from the palace, the regime’s minions detained three of the protest “leaders” on an illegal arrest warrant. In other words, it is the police who are breaking the law.

We understand that only Patiwat was released.

Meanwhile, Mike, collapsed and was carried off to hospital.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights “said the activist [Mike] was not in danger but would be kept in hospital overnight. The group said it believed he passed out after being put in a chokehold in the [police] van.”

Clipped from Bangkok Post

It is clear that the regime is not going to give much ground to the protesters. On what it considers “important,” it will give nothing.

The establishment’s Bangkok Post states: “All told, more than 80 people have been arrested in connection with the protests staged in recent weeks, according to TLHR. Most are now free on bail but a handful remain behind bars.” Of course, the truth is somewhat different.

The regime believes that it can arrest, jail and repress its way out of the current conflict. This is learned behavior, learned from its period as a military junta.

Update: AFP reports that Rung and Penguin have also been hospitalized. Tosaporn Sererak, a doctor and former Puea Thai Party MP, “was with the pair as they were loaded into an ambulance about 4:30am on Saturday.” He said: “After questioning, both Rung and Penguin were feeling weak and have been sent to hospital, where they are expected to stay for two-three days…”. Penguin was reported to have “shards of broken glass in his skin from a scuffle in a police van,” while “Panusaya had foot pain…”.

As is to be expected from this despicable repressive, royalist regime, it is reported that “[a]uthorities will seek a court order to have them remanded in prison upon discharge from hospital…. Officers visited Panupong in hospital before 7am on Saturday.”



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