Convicted heroin trafficker not neglected

9 11 2020

PPT readers might wonder at Thammanat Prompao’s relative low profile. It is almost two months since we last mentioned him, in the context of the Sydney Morning Herald’s article All the king’s strongmen. It turns out that he is not forgotten. A reader writes to tell us that, in Australia, and award for Outstanding Court Reporting has gone to Michael Ruffles and Michael Evans of the SMH for their reporting on Thammanat’s heroin smuggling case. The reader tells us there was a story in the Bangkok Post about this, but we can’t find it except an excerpt at PressReader.

For the stories that produced the award, see here, here, here, and here.

For some of Thammanat’s ludicrous responses see here and here.

Anyone know what happened to the Constitutional Court case brought against him in June? We assume nothing as he’s still a minister.



2 responses

10 11 2020
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11 11 2020
Nepotism and Thammanat | Political Prisoners in Thailand

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