Lying liar

14 11 2020

Some pundits reckon Donald Trump holds a record for lies. These days, there are plenty of politicians who willingly lie, even when the facts are pretty obvious. But, in Thailand, one politicians lies reach levels of absurdity that they clearly have a more significant meaning than the usual complaints about politicians lying.

Thammanat Prompao lies more absurdly than anyone PPT has come across in more than a decade of posting here. There are plenty of liars, but this guy is the King of Liars. The champion liar. The liar to beat all liars.

There’s the one about him not going to jail in Australia, despite the publication of court documents.

There’s the one about the heroin being flour, despite the publication of court documents.

There are the multiple times he said he was suing hundreds of journalists.

We won’t go on. He’s a joke. But he’s also a minister.

Thammanat’s most recent lie is reported by The Nation. Referring to one of his wives getting a lucrative political position, paid for by the taxpayer, the King of Liars is reported as saying:

… his wife got the position after the former holder resigned to help run a local politician’s election campaign, and that he had no idea she had been offered the job until he saw her name on the list of new staff appointments.

Clearly this is tripe. So why does he do it? Because he can. And because he has impunity. More importantly, his lies demonstrate that he believes the Thai people and taxpayers in particular are idiots.



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