112 is back and so is the official idiocy

26 11 2020

In the past lese majeste has been used against people speaking of long dead kings, the king’s dog, and a bunch of trumped-up 112 charges have been concocted for royals who aren’t even covered by the law. It is the most politicized of laws and brings out the worst in police and ultra-royalists. The police become a bunch of Looney Tunes characters when lese majeste is in their sights.

After the most recent demonstration, Thailand’s police are busy “investigating” and preparing charges.

Now, these are the same cops who confused 11 tons of cleaning agent with ketamine, and for a day or so clucked about how great they were at crime busting, only to test the stuff and find out it was yet another giant cock-up by the cops.

It is reported that the protest’s skulduckerry coupon has been “investigated” by the cops and they have managed to come up with currency and lese majeste charges.

The super sleuths have decided that these coupons are “currency” and are “in breach of Section 9 of the Currency Act,” and that the wording may amount to lese majeste. Of course, they can concoct any sort of buffalo manure and shape it to look like lese majeste. But the Currency Act? The Act states:

Section 9. No person shall make, issue, use or put into circulation any material or token for money except by authority of the Minister.

You would have to be as bright as a bucket of sand to decide that the coupon constitutes money, and more than the coupons used in every food court. But these minions and their leaders are grasping onto anything they can to jail and detain protesters.



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27 11 2020
Further updated: Royalist skulduggery v. The People’s skulduckery | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] their announcement? Possible answers are: they are an incompetent bunch of dolts, which they have previously demonstrated. Another could be that someone has paid them off, which has happened many times in the past. And […]

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