Land of (no) compromise IV

18 12 2020

The Nation reports on the way that conservative Thailand refuses to compromise with the country’s youth:

Protection International (PI), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of human-rights defenders, found that 87.9 per cent of students fighting for democracy have faced some form of intimidation, especially from their teachers.

Some students and members of their family have even faced threats from officials.

More specifically:

most students who tried to fight for their political rights had been threatened in some way or the other – facing mental abuse from teachers in school or being followed home by police officers.

Now, not even children are exempt, with “at least five youngsters, below the age of 18, have been charged for violating the emergency decree and sedition, while at least one 18-year-old faces lese majeste charges.”

Laponpat Wangpaisit from the Bad Student group said that more than 1,000 intimidation cases have been reported by students over the past five or six months.

Compromise has never been a royalist or conservative trait; instead, there is repression.



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