Land of (no) compromise VI

20 12 2020

The Bangkok Post reported it, but it hardly seems necessary.

As his current regime bosses have done and as his Army bosses have done, red-neck Gen Narongphan Jitkaewtae declared his loyalty to the king and the monarchy.

As others have done, he babbled the Royal Thai Army’s version of history that exalts, “over hundreds of years” past Thai kings as “leaders of the armed forces …[who] engaged in battles against enemies to protect territorial integrity and ensure people’s security.” Another version might observe that the king’s considered all land belonged to them and thus tried to preserve their land and trading routes. People had little security.

Asked about Article 112 action, Gen Narongphan said “that it was about law enforcement,” which is an authoritarian’s response and Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s lawfare position. Gen Narongphan added: “I am a soldier who has the duty of protecting the country, helping the people and upholding the monarchy…”. Murdering the people has also been a long-term Royal Thai Army task, not to mention massive corruption and unusual wealth flowing to the top brass.

Gen Narongphan’s ideological position is that the Royal Thai Army protects the monarchy and that role allows the impunity to murder and to filch the taxpayer:

We all have a duty to protect [the monarchy] in our way. For the sake of people’s happiness, the monarchy which is the unifying force of the country must remain secure. Therefore, everyone has a duty, and so do law enforcers….

Asked about the idea of a republic, the army chief admitted: “I don’t know. It’s never entered my head.” If that is true, it is a measure of the royalist brainwashing that has been dominant in society and especially in military training and ritual. It has only recently been challenged.



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