Land of (no) compromise VII

21 12 2020

Coconuts reports on actress Inthira “Sai” Charoenpura’s lese majeste case.

It recounts that she spent “the past week perplexed by a vague police summons,” finally learning, when she reported to police, that the charge involves a sarcastic social media post where she used the words “very brave.” She explained, drawing on the official charge sheet:

Facebook user Inthira Charoenpura posted a picture that had text mocking the monarchy. It featured the words ‘I may not go back to loving you,’ ‘you are very brave,’ and ‘because everybody’s eyes are widely opened…. The word ‘very brave’ was said by King Rama X to admirers at a royal event, and to repeat the word in a mocking tone defames his dignity.

Clipped from Starsgab

Of course, the words “very brave” came during the royal family’s declaration of war on the protesters. Despite the claim that Thailand is the land of compromise, this charge shouts that there is no compromise in Vajiralongkorn’s kingdom.

In fact, though, Inthira is being charged not just for mocking Vajiralongkorn but for her high-profile “material support including food, toilets and other donations for the rallies…”.

The complaint against Inthira was filed by deputy Bang Khen district police chief Anan Wonrasat.

Meanwhile, Arnon Nampa and Parit Chiwarak met police for more lese majeste charges to be piled on. Each faces multiple charges.

It is clear that there are more charges to come as the land of (no) compromise seeks to wind back the clock, trying desperately to restore the ideological hegemony for a mad monarch.



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