Land of (no) compromise VIII

26 12 2020

Reinstated consort Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi is getting plenty of media coverage of late. Part of this has to do with leaked photos of her that are dripping out. The breathless discussion of the meaning of the leaks is probably overdone not least because it is based on supposition.

Of more significance is the recent report at Royal World Thailand‘s Facebook page, reproduced here (almost) in full:

It has been a viral about the news of His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand who carried on his engagement together with the Royal Noble Consort Sineenat Bilaskalayani as a couple for the first time. Although it was known earlier among social medias, the people were much excited with this marvelous moment.

The King, accompanied the Royal Noble Consort to the ceremony of offering the Buddhist robes and kit at 2 temples in 2 different provinces in 2 days: Wat Phrathat Haripunchai Temple in Lamphun Province on 23 December, and at Wat Phra Maha Chedi Chaimongkol Temple in Roi Et Province on 24 December 2020.

Clipped from Royal World Thailand

Besides seeing Sineenat accompanied the King by herself, a lot of people might not expect to see the close moment between them two. Some may not surprise at all. Things admired the people were the outfits the couple wore which made the same tone of colour, and also her first ever public accompanying in social events.

However, there is much criticism about Sineenat who is being treated like a royal as she is still catogorised as a commoner, e.g., curtsying from the female officers, as well as sitting on a ‘royal chair’ which is used by the royals only. The royal household has even got a systematic rule of preparing the chairs for each class of royals for the ceremonies….

There are also much negative flows with unappreciated feedback from the supporters of Her Majesty Queen Suthida: saying it should have been her position to be aside the sovereign in such an official engagement as the Queen Consort, not a concubine. When Sineenat finally came out alongside the King, she is hoped by many to see her with the Queen in any future engagements.

Sineenat has been ironically encouraged by many of her supporters to fight for ‘her goal (?)’ The public image of the institution did not affect those who highly respect the monarchy. Nevertheless, as the people never forget what happened in the past, the King’s declaration to Sineenat as ‘guiltless person’ is considered just a text. She cannot get rid of all scandals spreading throughout the social media around the world.

Even those who still highly respect the monarch are unwilling to his life as “the Polygamy King” in this modern age after not having a Polygamous King for almost 100 years. Although it is, still, not widely and publicly accepted in the society, many people still think every single thing is the whole perfectness of their King, even being with his concubine. It is hence a good moment during Christmas week in Thailand….

Essentially, for all of its poor English, tells of the king conducting official palace business with the consort rather than the queen. Royal watchers see this as an indication of not just Goy being reinstated, but of her winning the king over to her “side” in some kind of intra-palace competition.

We have no idea if this is and more than rumor and imagination. However, for decades, the king has expressed his desire to be like kings of yore, and to have a harem. He’s done that, established a major queen, a minor queen-consort, and has a bunch of other women at his beck and call.

There may be some sniping in the palace, but the king wants to live like an absolutist and nothing in recent months has changed his course at all.



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