The king’s command

23 01 2021

Action for People’s Democracy – Act4dem – has caused the palace and the regime considerable angst over several years. It has a YouTube page and a Facebook page, but its work in Europe, protesting against King Vajiralongkorn has had most impact. When they can, democracy activists in Thailand have followed Act4dem.

In a recent post, Act4dem posted an infographic (reproduced below) that sets out the forces that revolve around the king.

The dead king was said to have established a “network monarchy.” This was a descriptive term used to describe a bunch of royalists who acted in the king’s and the monarchy’s interests, “protected” him, and made sure that governments “listened” to the king and appropriately “revered” him.

Vajiralongkorn’s circle may not be all that different, but he and his toadies have kept his circle under wraps. We don’t doubt that Act4dem might have missed some – for example, we think his two daughters should be listed – but it is an excellent visualization of the the king’s command.



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