Liars and murderers

29 03 2021

Thailand’s regime has been supporting its military counterparts in Myanmar as they murder and arrest. The Thailand military-backed regime lies that it isn’t supporting Myanmar’s marauding military murderers.

In a recent op-ed, Thai Enquirer has condemned Thailand’s regime for its support of the Myanmar military. It begins: “By sending a military representative to attend Myanmar dictator Min Aung Hlaing’s Armed Forces Day celebration this past weekend, the Thai army showed just how morally corrupt it is.”

The Myanmar regime is using military aircraft to attack civilians, it is shooting protesters, people in their houses and innocent people traveling on public roads. It is a military out of control. Yet Thailand’s military-backed regime supports it. It understands that, from the murderous military’s perspective, civilians are a threat and sometimes need to be murdered and always repressed.

Telling lies is the very foundation of military regimes. Look at how the Thai regime has lied to the international community.



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