On Port Faiyen’s 112 case

19 04 2021

Readers may recall the #SaveFaiyen campaign. Faiyen was a band that fled to Laos and eventually received asylum in France.

One member was ill and decided not to travel to France and returned to Thailand. Port Faiyen (Parinya Cheewinpatomkul) is now among those arrested, charged with lese majeste, and refused bail. His case has received too little attention.

For his time in Laos, see this Facebook post.Port Faiyen

On 5 March 2021, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reported that Port was arrested at his house and charged with lese majeste and under the Computer Crimes Act. The police had a warrant and seized mobile phones and notebooks.

Port stated that he is still ill but was refused bail and has been jailed since then. There is concern that his illnesses – including nerve inflammation, pancreatitis, diabetes – will worsen in jail.

More details are from this Facebook page. It says Port was arrested on 3 March for three Facebook posts from 2016.

His most famous song is “พ่อ” (Father) where he rejects the ideology that people should see the king as their father.

When he returned to Bangkok he deactivated his Facebook account, and underwent medical treatment. It took the authorities some time to track him down.



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28 04 2021
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