Streckfuss stays

4 05 2021

A couple of weeks ago we posted on the case of David Streckfuss, who worked for 27 years at Khon Kaen University and with CIEE: Council On International Educational Exchange, who had his work-permit with KKU revoked on 19 March. That meant his tenure in Thailand was tenuous.

Because Streckfuss worked with groups of young activists and because he has written and commented on lese majeste, many wondered if this politically motivated. After all, KKU’s Streckfussdecision came after police visited the University President and Faculty Dean following Streckfuss having participated in a workshop which partly involved discussion of decentralization.

For the cops and the regime, “decentralization” can be code for separatism.

Now it is reported that he has been issued a new work permit and visa.

Never a problem, apparently:

Immigration Division 4 superintendent Kridsada Kanjanaarlongkon said officials have completed the vetting process of Khon Kaen-based scholar David Streckfuss and he may now reside and work legally in Thailand with his new employer, the Isaan Record online news site.

“It was a normal visa application process,” Maj. Gen. Kridsada said. “We didn’t question him any further. [Streckfuss] is not implicated in any crime or considered as a threat to national security at the moment. However, if there’s evidence of wrongdoings in the future, we then have to act under the immigration law.”

This statement is clearly dusted with buffalo manure.

As his lawyer, Natthasiri Berkman, “wondered why the authorities had to take more time than usual to examine her client’s files,” she stated: “Although it’s normal for the authorities to run a background check when a foreigner applies for a visa, I found it strange why Streckfuss was extensively investigated.”

The lawyer also stated: “The immigration didn’t set any conditions for Streckfuss…”. We doubt that.

The people at KKU associated with their decision should be ashamed. Ultra-royalists will cheer them.



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