Monarchy reform protesters bailed

2 06 2021

After a very long time, Thai PBS has reported that the “Criminal Court has granted conditional release for three anti-establishment Ratsadon protest leaders, Anon Nampa, Panupong Jadnok, alias Mike Rayong, and Chukiart ‘Justin’ Saengwong.”112 logo

That’s good news but questions remain why it took so long. We think it is because a groveling undertaking was required. Add in the virus raging through prisons and lese majeste repression has another meaning.

We make this observation because it is reported that the Criminal Court “was satisfied with Chukiart’s past record, in that he did not attempt to evade arrest nor were there any indications that he would try to escape if he were to be released on bail.” That would have been the same weeks ago when the court considered bail for him.  But, he also “gave a written undertaking to comply with the bail conditions [ imposed by the court and the court found the guarantor, who posted property worth about 200,000 for bail surety, to be trustworthy.”

The conditions are that “he does not get involved in activities which may deemed offensive to the monarchy, participate in a protest which may cause unrest, leave the country without authorization from the court and reports to the court as required.”

Anon and Panupong, were “released on the same terms and conditions.”



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