Gangster swagger

3 06 2021

One of the things about “dark influences” – Thailand’s mafioso – is that their behavior is often a display of power and brutishness. They can’t help themselves.

And so it is with the convicted heroin trafficker and Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thammanat Prompao.

As the Bangkok Post recently reported, the reprehensible Thammanat has had to deny that “he made a parliament police officer kowtow to him after an argument with a member of his entourage.”

He and his minders “advisers” were said to have “had an argument with a parliament police officer on Monday when the House was in session to deliberate the national budget bill.”

Thammanat stated that “he had only two people with him” when he arrived for the parliamentary debate but “his team” were denied entry as the police were “enforcing public health regulations that limit the number of people allowed to enter with a cabinet minister to one.”


Convicted heroin smuggler

Unused to not getting his way, “the deputy minister was upset and later called a director connected to parliament security to meet him.” We can imagine how that was handled. He reportedly “reprimanded the director for not treating him and his team with dignity and instructed the policeman to kowtow to him as a way of repenting.”

Thammanat sidekicks were reportedly miffed that they did not get the respect that is due them as the thugs of the powerful and dangerous boss. “His team” was angered “after the officer had spoken sternly to them.” No one can speak sternly, officiously, or loudly to the boss’s offsiders.

He said he later met the officer concerned,  advised him to take a gentler tone when talking to people, and “his team and the policeman apologis[ed] to each other with a wai.”

Thammanat ” insisted the policeman did not kowtow to him. Impossible as this “would have been an overreaction.” Well, not for a dark influence; it would have been “normal” for an offended mafia boss.

He babbled something about he was “aware of people watching him with distrusting eyes and assuming he was the aggressor whenever friction occurred.”

Interestingly, House Speaker Chuan Leekpai appeared to rebuke Thammanat when he “reminded members of the Thai parliament to comply with its rules and regulations, saying that they are lawmakers and should behave as role models for other people.” Chuan “offered moral support to the unnamed parliament police…” and he “instructed the secretary-general of the House of Representatives enter the incident into the formal record…”.

This event looks like the typical thuggish behavior associated with dark influences. Thammanat knows he’s now a big man and powerful. He flaunts his wealth and his power.



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