International embarrassment III

15 06 2021

The regime’s vaccine troubles have reached the international audience, causing further embarrassment.

Bloomberg writes:

Thailand’s vaccine rollout is trailing its target as a jab shortage and moves to prioritize workers to shield the economy trigger chaos and mass cancellation of appointments.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and dozens of hospitals across the country have postponed some of the scheduled vaccinations for this week, citing limited vaccine supplies. The delay comes after the nation was able to meet only 56% of its inoculation target in the first week of the nationwide rollout….

Thailand administered nearly 2 million shots during the first week of the mass rollout that began on June 7, well short of its target of 500,000 doses a day.

The report mentions delays from the king’s Siam Bioscience, but treads carefully.

Covid vaccinate

Clipped from The Rand Blog

The New York Times writes of the regime’s promises and its failures:

On Sunday night, nearly a week after the vaccination program was supposed to have kicked into high gear, hospitals in Bangkok announced that previously confirmed appointments had been canceled.

There was no word as to why or when they might be rescheduled.

The knock-on effect of what appears to be a mass shortage of Thai-made vaccines is also radiating to other parts of the region….

It does point at Siam Bioscience:

Last year, Thailand was designated the regional hub for local production of the AstraZeneca shots. A contract was awarded to Siam Bioscience, a pharmaceutical firm with no prior experience in manufacturing vaccines. The company is controlled by the king of Thailand.

And, it notes that the regime has warned against criticizing the company:

Prime Minister [Gen] Prayuth Chan-ocha of Thailand has warned that criticism of the company could be considered a criminal offense under the kingdom’s strict royal defamation laws. An opposition politician who questioned how Siam Bioscience got such a contract was charged with lèse-majesté — wronging the monarch — this year.

The NYT story concludes:

On Monday, as factories and prisons in the Bangkok area struggled with mounting outbreaks, officials said that parks and museums would reopen in the capital, loosening a months-long lockdown.

Also open for business again? Tattoo parlors and foot massage salons.

In addition, schools are re-opening and so are beauty clinics and health spas.



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