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21 07 2021

PPT saw some of Friday and the weekend’s protest and we thought readers might be interested in a listing of media reports.

Prachatai, “Two arrested, three injured at Public Health Ministry protest

On Friday afternoon (16 July), people gathered near the Ministry of Public Health to demand an explanation of the Covid-19 vaccination programme and to demand that the government provide the public with mRNA vaccines….

Activist Shinawat Chankrajang and another protester were arrested in front of the Ministry of Public Health on Friday (16 July) during a protest over the Covid-19 vaccination programme, while two other protesters and one police officer were injured.

Thai PBS, “Protest against PM in Pattaya by Thai Mai Thon group

Anti-government Thai Mai Thon (Impatient Thais) protesters rallied in the resort town of Pattaya this afternoon (Saturday), to repeat demands for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The protesters, most of them riding motorcycles with some driving cars, converged in front of King Taksin the Great’s shrine on the beach road, near Pattaya Soi 6, at about 2pm. During the protest, they performed a cursing ritual by smashing earthenware pots, featuring the portrait of the prime minister, and then stomping on fragments, after which they moved along the beach road to South Pattaya and several other roads in the city.

Prachatai, “Apartment owner arrested ahead of protest; We Volunteer van searched

The police arrested the owner of an apartment in Nonthaburi on Sunday morning (18 July), ahead of the protest in the afternoon, and confiscated effigies made for the protest march.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) reported that police officers went to the apartment at around 6.00 with a search warrant. They confiscated 400 bundles of hay tied in cloth to look like corpses and a figure of a gas mask, which were to be taken to the protest in the afternoon, and detained the apartment’s owner.

She was detained for over six hours before being released at 12.45. During her detention, she was not given access to a lawyer.

Meanwhile, police officers searched a van belonging to We Volunteer, which was delivering equipment for the protest, including effigies, and bottles of fermented fish….

The officers claimed that they had to check whether there was anything illegal in the van, and asked for the identity of the owner of the content. During the search, an officer asked whether the fermented fish was for throwing at the officers.

Piyarat said that because the officers opened the packages of bottled fermented fish, they had to buy the entire lot. He also claimed that the officers told them that they wouldn’t let them go if they didn’t sell them the fish.   

AP, “Police Use Tear Gas Against Anti-Government Protesters

Thai police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons Sunday to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters who held a rally in Bangkok despite coronavirus restrictions banning gatherings of more than five people.

The demonstrators were demanding Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s government step down, insisting the budget of the monarchy and the military be cut during the pandemic, and calling for the importing mRNA coronavirus vaccines that have yet to be brought to Thailand on a large scale to fight a growing surge of the virus.


Clipped from Prachatai

Prachatai, “Call for vaccines met with tear gas, rubber bullets

Protesters marching to Government House on Sunday (18 July) to demand better Covid-19 vaccination and assistance programmes were met with water cannon and crowd control police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The protest started at 14.00 at the Democracy Monument. By 13.50, cars and motorcycles had filled the roundabout around the Monument ahead of the march to Government House. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, protesters set up disinfection booths, while volunteers handed out masks, rubber gloves, raincoats, and face shields to participants….

The police also continuously fired tear gas at the protesters. At 17.05, The Reporters’ field reporter said on their livestream feed that they also felt extreme irritation in their throat and eyes despite wearing protective gear and could not stay close to the frontline. Several people were also reportedly injured. It is unclear how many people were injured during the clash.

A Prachatai reporter at the scene said that the smoke from the tear gas was so thick that the road in front of the protesters became obscured.

The Nation, “Police fire at pro-democracy protesters marching to Government House

Thai PBS, “Thai police use water cannons against anti-government protesters

Many of them [protesters] carried straw men, to symbolize those who have died from COVID-19, and an effigy of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha, with the “Wevo” guards taking the lead.

AlJazeera, “Police clash with protesters demanding Thailand PM’s resignation

Up yours

Clipped from Thai PBS

Bloomberg. “Thai Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters Angry With Virus Response

Reuters, “Thai protesters clash with police near Government House

Burning effigy

Clipped from Prachatai

Thai PBS, “Protesters end Sunday’s rally in Bangkok, but vow to return

An anti-government protest leader announced an end to the protest near the Government House at about 6.30pm this evening (Sunday) after several hours facing-off against crowd control police, who fired water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to break up the rally….

The protest leader said that several of them had been injured and had decided to end the rally, but warned that they would protest again on a date yet to be fixed.

Prachatai, “Three reporters shot with rubber bullets despite wearing press IDs

Thanapong Kengpaiboon from the online magazine Plus Seven was hit in the hip with a rubber bullet while covering the clash between protesters and crowd control police….

“I don’t know if it’s bad that I feel like I’m used to it, but I’m tired of it. Without notice, they fire into a group that they should know are reporters, because it wasn’t just me who was a reporter and was standing there, and they fired without any warning,” Thanapong said, adding that he wants to press charges against the officers and is looking for a way to do so.

The Nation, “Tear gas was ‘standard procedure’ for pro-democracy protest on Sunday, say police

Piya Tawichai, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said on Monday that police had used appropriate strategies to prevent further damage and violence during the protest.


Clipped from The Nation

The Nation, “14 nabbed for demanding mRNA jabs in Bangkok rally on Sunday

Police arrested 14 vocational students on Sunday evening for participating in a pro-democracy protest at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument earlier in the day.

Among them was Thanadech Srisongkram, a chief guard of the protest movement, who was arrested based on a warrant issued for his participation in a rally outside the Public Health Ministry in Nonthaburi on Friday. He and his fellow protesters were nabbed while he was dropping them off….

Thanadech faces charges of violating the emergency decree, causing unrest, attacking officers with a weapon, assembling more than 10 persons and stopping officials from performing their duties.

The 13 others were reportedly charged for violating the emergency decree and were taken to Region 1 Border Police Bureau in Pathum Thani.

Thai PBS, “Sixteen protesters arrested after end of protest Sunday night in Bangkok

Khaosod, “Foodpanda Faces Boycott After Calling Anti-Gov’t Protester ‘Terrorist’

A major food delivery service is facing a boycott after it said on Twitter that an anti-government demonstrator dressed as a food delivery man was captured on video trying to set fire on a large image of the King as committing an act of “terrorism.”

 “We’re rushing to severely deal with him under company policy. He will be fired immediately. Please note that Foodpanda has a policy against violence and all types of terrorisms and will be happy to assist officers in prosecuting the offender,” FoodPanda tweeted from its account @foodpanda_th on Sunday.

This was soon followed by Thai Twitter hashtag #banfoodpanda (#แบนfoodpanda) which reached 1.25 million mentions by Monday noon despite the company’s apology which came hours later, on both Twitter and Facebook page….

“We apologize for the previous message from our team which was posted. We’re still investigating the incident [Sunday] and seek pardon for the comment and for not thoroughly concluding about the previous incident,” Foodpanda wrote. 



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24 07 2021
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