CP’s power

27 07 2021

Thai Enquirer has taken a look at CP with an op-ed entitled “Exploring the close ties between Thailand’s CP Group and the Chinese Communist Party.”

Recently said to be worth over $30 billion, up $3 billion over 2020,* CP and its Chearavanont family are Thailand’s wealthiest, after the monarch, and “CP’s domination of the Thai economy continues to grow…”. Its political influence is legendary.

Prayuth and the bosses

Its growth has much to do with expansion in China since 1978, so that focus in the Thai Enquirer article is worth reading.

*The article is in error on wealth accumulation.



One response

28 07 2021

As Sino Thais, it’s not surprisng.
And many Western companies do deals in China usually indirectly with the CCP through compradores(?)
Like the old days of opium up the Pearl river!

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