Updated: Monarchy reform

5 08 2021

AP reports that Arnon Nampa has renewed calls for the monarchy to be reformed.

At a recent rally, reprising Harry Potter themes of a year ago, Arnon stated:

This year shall be the last year that we will discuss monarchy reform. After this, whatever will happen, will happen. You can’t stop the sun rising. You can’t control what people believe in….

Clipped from The Nation. Arnon on the left.

The lawyer spoke to a group of several hundred to “mark …  one year since Arnon delivered a speech that shook the country with its unprecedented challenge to the status of the monarchy, which is widely considered [by royalists and the military] to be an untouchable bedrock element of Thai nationalism.”

The rally marked a reaffirmation that the monarchy remains a focus for protesters as Arnon promised a multifaceted strategy in pushing monarchy reform.

Like many protesters, Arnon “is currently free on bail, faces more than 10 charges under a stringent royal defamation law [they mean lese majeste] that mandates prison terms of up to 15 years for perceived insults.”

Update: For more on this rally, see the really excellent report at Prachatai.



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