112 bail for Prasong

7 08 2021

Prachatai reports that Prasong Khotsongkhram, arrested on 8 July 2021 on a lese majeste charge, has “been granted bail after spending 27 days in prison.”

The Taling Chan Criminal Court granted bail on 4 August after three previous bail requests were denied. In seeking bail,

… Prasong told the court that he never received a summons before he was arrested. He also said that he did not resist arrest and therefore would not try to escape.

Prasong’s mother Supranee also testified to the court that she was present when Prasong was arrested at their home in Lopburi and signed as a witness to the arrest. She said that there is no one besides Prasong to take care of her. She said that she has kidney stones, high blood pressure and diabetes, which require her to take regular medications, and if Prasong is released, she would have someone to take her to doctor’s appointments.

The court allowed bail but requires that Prasong  wear  electronic monitoring and, continuing the judiciary’s role in lese majeste repression, “set the condition that he must not do anything that would damage the monarchy and must not leave the country without the court’s permission.”

Prasong had been detained “at the Thung Noi Temporary Prison, which is on the same premises as the Military Circle 11 Prison.”

The current count of people charged in the latest round of efforts to erase anti-monarchism, 113 people are facing lese majeste charges.



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