Doubling down on failure

18 08 2021

Doubling down on dubious policy is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. And so it is in Thailand as the poor choices made about vaccines, suppliers and rollout are made again.

A Bangkok Post editorial asks the obvious question: “Why more Sinovac?” The editorial states that “another 12 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine were included in its August-September Covid-19 jabs procurement plan.” It asks why a such a decision is made when “the ministry knows the efficacy of Sinovac vaccines remains in doubt against the Delta strain. ”

Meanwhile, with the king’s Siam Bioscience still as opaque as ever,  and the regime mum on what’s going on there, Reuters reports that Thailand, supposedly “a regional manufacturer of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus shots, is [now] seeking to borrow 150,000 doses of the same vaccine from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan…”. Failure upon failure, but this is the word from “an official.”

The report states that the “request to tap vaccines from Bhutan, a country of less than 1 million people, reflects efforts to plug gaps in Thailand’s chaotic vaccine rollout, after AstraZeneca said it could supply the country with about five to six million monthly doses, about half of what the government had targeted.” It is not clear if this is coming fro Siam Bioscience or being imported, although AZ claims there’s production going on.

Mess, failure, repeat. That’s the authoritarians code.



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20 08 2021
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[…] vaccine has been something of a disaster. Recent reports of Thailand’s regime begging AZ does from other countries seem to confirm […]

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