Recent journal articles

16 09 2021

Every so often PPT searches through recent publications on Thailand in academic journals. Below we have a selection from journals published since the beginning of 2020. A few of these are free to download. If not, we suggest emailing authors as they will usually provide a copy.

We also urge readers to look at Library Genesis, where several recent books on Thailand’s politics are available.

Journal of Contemporary Asia

Thailand’s Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State by Ukrist Pathmanand & Michael K. Connors

Crazy Rich Thais: Thailand’s Capitalist Class, 1980–2019 by Kevin Hewison

Neo-Liberalism, the Rise of the Unelected and Policymaking in Thailand: The Case of the Medical Tourism Industry by Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit & Guanie Lim

The Unruly Past: History and Historiography of the 1932 Thai Revolution by Arjun Subrahmanyan

Is Irrigationalism a Dominant Ideology in Securing Hydrotopia in Mekong Nation States? by David J. H. Blake

Drivers of China’s Regional Infrastructure Diplomacy: The Case of the Sino-Thai Railway Project by Laurids S. Lauridsen

Lineages of the Authoritarian State in Thailand: Military Dictatorship, Lazy Capitalism and the Cold War Past as Post-Cold War Prologue by Jim Glassman

Black Site: The Cold War and the Shaping of Thailand’s Politics by Kevin Hewison

Royal Succession and the Politics of Religious Purification in Contemporary Thailand by Tomas Larsson

Sick Tiger: Social Conflict, State–Business Relations and Exclusive Growth in Thailand by Veerayooth Kanchoochat, Trin Aiyara & Bank Ngamarunchot

Critical Asian Studies

Disruptors’ dilemma? Thailand’s 2020 Gen Z protests by Duncan McCargo

Hashtag activism: social media and the #FreeYouth protests in Thailand by Aim Sinpeng

The white ribbon movement: high school students in the 2020 Thai youth protests by Kanokrat Lertchoosakul

Sticky rice in the blood: Isan people’s involvement in Thailand’s 2020 anti-government protests by Saowanee Alexander

The roots of conservative radicalism in southern Thailand’s Buddhist heartland by Patrick Jory & Jirawat Saengthong

TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia

Everyday Scandals: Regulating the Buddhist Monastic Body in Thai Media by Brooke Schedneck

The Hmong and the Communist Party of Thailand: A Transnational, Transcultural and Gender-Relations-Transforming Experience by Ian G. Baird

The Paradox of the Thai Middle Class in Democratisation by Kanokrat Lertchoosakul


Why Did They Rise Up? The Local Reality of the Farmers’ Movement in 1970s Thailand by Shinichi Shigetomi

Inequality, Sociocultures and Habitus in Thailand by Sirima Thongsawang, Boike Rehbein, Supang Chantavanich

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Birds of a feather: Anand Panyarachun, elite families and network monarchy in Thailand by Yoshinori Nishizaki

Nostalgia and nationalism: Facebook ‘archives’ and the constitution of Thai photographic histories by Clare Veal

Contemporary Southeast Asia

The Failure of Agricultural-based Economic Development in Thailand’s Far South and the Impact on the Insurgency by Ornanong Husna Benbourenane

Plural Partisans: Thailand’s People’s Democratic Reform Committee Protesters by Duncan McCargo & Naruemon Thabchumpon

Green in the Heart of Red: Understanding Phayao Province’s Switch to Palang Pracharat in Thailand’s 2019 General Election by Joel Sawat Selway

Asian Survey

Thailand in 2020: Politics, Protests, and a Pandemic by James Ockey

Thailand in 2019: An Election, A Coronation, and Two Summits by James Ockey



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