Remembering the 1976 massacre V

5 10 2021

PPT is reproducing some of the posts we have had in the past about the 6 October 1976 massacre.

Of course, as Thai Enquirer points out, the current government and the military want people to forget the events of 6 October. This regime is pathetic, trying to “use the Covid outbreak as an excuse to stop the October 6 Massacre remembrance ceremony.” Pathetic and evil. It has been “pressuring the university [Thammasat] to act to stop the ceremony.”

The university’s action, to block access to the monument that commemorates the event, has been roundly criticized by many people on social media and offline. It is a pathetic cowering for an institution whose students were massacred by right wing actors on October 6, 1976.

Here’s the fifth of our posts, from 2011:

Remembering 6 October 1976

PPT joins with others in remembering the terrible events of 6 October 1976.

An AP photo

We have mentioned this before: The BBC has a program in its Witness series on the October 1976 events in Thailand, with  archival audio footage of reporting from the time and Ajarn Puey Ungpakorn, and a present-day interview with Ajarn Thongchai Winichakul. Read Puey by following the links here.

PPT has Ajarn Puey’s famous “letter” that he wrote following the 1976 military coup and published as a pamphlet by The Union of Democratic Thais in the U.S. Our post from last year deserves attention again.

Prachatai has published a series of gruesome new photos from the horrific events.



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