Updated: Backing a man of the past

8 01 2022

We have watched in wonder as the Bangkok Post regularly has stories on failed Democrat Party politician and former finance leech Korn Chatikavanij and his minnow party Kla. Kla is meant to mean something like Dare or Daring Party. It is anything but that. But the Bangkok Post keeps acting as if it is a paid promoter of the man and his “ideas.” It is as though he has buddies at the Post. Of course, he does, on the company’s board.

We haven’t commented much on this, but the most recent “story”-cum-advertorial is so feeble that it deserves to be called out.

The story comes with the headline “Kla leader dares to be different.” Confusing the reader, the story, which comes with a posed portrait of a “casual” Korn, says nothing at all about him or how he “dares” to do anything at all. Rather, it is about a party that has failed before it has started:

The Kla Party will field candidates in all upcoming by-elections, seeing the contests as an opportunity to reach out to voters ahead of the general election, even if its chances of winning are slim.

We’d guess that “slim” means no chance. Korn is quoted as saying of his party in the south: “we have neither organised support nor bought votes…”. Leaving aside the claim of vote-buying, which was a Democrat Party claim as it lost election after election to more popular and capable parties, the fact that the party is not organized suggests that to “dare” means to waste time, money, and printers’ ink (and bandwidth). But Korn says “the Kla Party has high hopes that it can use these three by-elections to raise public awareness of its existence and policies before a general election is held.”

He may be onto something. Recently, at a rally arranged by the the Songwriters for the People group in front of Bangkok Remand Prison that was demanding the release of political activists detained without bail,the Kla Party was jeered and heckled:

… when the campaign vehicle of Kla Party candidate in the same by-election  Mr. Attawit Suwanphakdi passed by, the protesters shouted “Feudalism [must] be destroyed and people prosper” at the team.

Kla is no party of the future and the Post is backing feudalism.

Update: Remarkably, the Bangkok Post has yet another contribution to Korn’s party. This one’s an interview. In it, Korn is asked: “What are your main policies?” His response is telling and revealing as Korn comes up with nothing at all that could be construed as a policy. But the egotistical rich man is ready to be prime minister:

It doesn’t have to be me, it’s up to the people, but I’m ready. I think, as I just mentioned, the leader of the country needs to fully understand the changes that are taking place and the adjustments that are required for Thailand to take full advantage. However, a leader also needs experience and know-how, and my time in the private sector and the political arena, as a minister of finance, have prepared me well.

His mantra is change. No idea what this means, especially as he’s a man of the past with no policies and no ideas. He can’t say what he “understands” or what “adjustments” he might suggest. His “experience” is as a moneygrubber and a tart for the military.

The Post’s support for a buddy who’s hopeless makes the newspaper also look hopeless and a rich people’s plaything.



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