Further updated: Secret Siam’s Bavarian rhapsody

28 01 2022

For all things on planes, travel, women and Vajiralongkorn, Andrew MacGregor Marshall has it all compiled in a recent Secret Siam post. It is incredibly long and has the feel of a chapter from a book. So much is crammed into its many pages that we can only suggest that those who crave all the details take out a subscription. Otherwise, follow Marshall on Twitter and Facebook for titbits.

Update 1: In a related development, Vajiralongkorn has again re-arranged his palace. While PPT follows royal stuff, we don’t really understand the significance of the changes. Maybe a reader knows? With Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi/Koi’s birthday passing and her not being seen, maybe there’s a purge going on? Who knows? It’s all secret.

Update 2: Marshall’s post has now been made free to view.



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