Clowns and “leaders”

7 02 2022

The Bangkok Post recently reported that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, already Thailand’s boss since May 2014, reckons he’s not holding onto power. He seems to have convinced himself  of this, although everyone else knows he’s joking around. He wants to stay for as long as possible.

If there were real elections, he’d already be gone. If the military was “professional,” instead of a bunch of clowns craving power and money, all in the name of protecting a mad monarch, Gen Prayuth would have been out to pasture years ago. If he wasn’t a royalist posterior polisher, he’d never have been heard of.

But, the clown that he is, Gen Prayuth blathers that “he will serve in the role as long as he is allowed to by law…”.

He went on:

I have no intention of keeping the post of prime minister for myself forever. Don’t worry that I will cling on to power. I have had no vested interests during the past seven or eight years….

The problem is that he’s clung to the job for 8 years already, never having been properly elected to anything.

But here’s the rub. Is he now saying he’ll follow the constitutional requirement for him to go after 8 years? Wouldn’t that be a relief! But, just think, one of his cronies might make things worse, and you can bet the king will be manipulating to get his preferred prime minister.

Nasty clowns create nasty messes.



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