Vajay and lese majeste III

9 02 2022

This is the third post about this NFT creation that is meant to raise awareness of lese majeste.

We don’t know much about this stuff, but we thought readers may be interested to see some of the art. We are not promoting sales.

The anonymous artist describes their third portrait this way:

“Vajay’s Happy Place” is 3/9 in a collection titled “Vajay’s 112 Dystopia,” to raise awareness of Section 112 of Thailand’s Criminal Code. Owning, viewing, sharing, or discussion of this art means a 15 year prison sentence for each instance. Meaning, the creator expects a sentence of at least 135 years. Floor price is high to bait the government into buying the series to burn it and keep crushing dissent. So…buy it, share it and enjoy prison you degenerates!!!



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