Buffalo manure bail

26 05 2022

The Criminal Court is behaving badly. In recent times, various courts have “granted” bail to monarchy reform protesters that is so restrictive as to be appropriately termed bullshit bail.

On Thursday, the court “granted” bail to Tantawan Tuatulanon but only for 30 days. In previous cases, the courts have given bail to monarchy reform activists charged under the lese majeste law, usually for limited terms of several months. This is quite a legal “innovation.” For Tantawan, a 30 day bail is ludicrous.

It seems her temporary release is simply a way for the prison system to temporarily deal with her hunger strike. As we understand it, Tantawan went straight to hospital.

That she is out of jail is perhaps cause for some joy, but the court is actually granting bail for continuing detention. This ludicrous court has set other conditions, including electronic monitoring and has restricted her to her home, except in medical emergencies.

In other words, she has been moved from jail to house arrest.

Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat posted bail and agreed to supervise her.

The courts have reached a new low in their “protection” of the monarchy.




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