International Anti-Monarchy Conference

2 06 2022

Republic is a membership-based British pressure group campaigning for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with a directly elected head of state.

On 4 June 2022, Republic is hosting the International Anti-Monarchy Conference online, to reach audiences and involve great speakers from around the world. The International Anti-Monarchy Conference coincides with Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee weekend in the UK. Republicans from around the world will be highlighting common issues and the reasons for an end to monarchy in favor of democratic republics. Speakers are from the UK, Commonwealth, Europe and Asia. Speakers for Thailand are Suda Rangkupan and Nanthida Rakwong.

The conference flyer states:

There is a growing momentum away from monarchies around the world. Movements across Europe and the Commonwealth in particular are growing and monarchies in places such as the UK, Netherlands and Spain are losing support. In the Caribbean there has been a seismic shift in the remaining Commonwealth realms to ditch the Crown and become republics. Australia is likely to revisit the question in the near future, which is likely to trigger others to do the same.

In Canada support for retaining the monarchy has fallen sharply in recent years, with support falling further when polls ask about King Charles. With Barbados already making the switch to a parliamentary republic and Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas and others announcing their intention to do so, the number of monarchies around the world is set to fall dramatically.

All this is likely to have an impact on other monarchies too. There is growing opposition to the Thai monarchy, which is far worse than anything Europeans have to tolerate, just as there is opposition to royal dictators in Africa and the Middle East.



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