“Unity” through massive security

1 07 2022

The Bangkok Post reports on Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha talking to the Federation of Thai Industries in Chiang Mai, where he compared the country to a (functionalist) vehicle. He stated:

“Thailand is like a massive car that moves 70 million people forward to the global stage. The government’s job is to keep the engines running smoothly to ensure convenience for the passengers.

I am listening but can’t hear

“We’re in the same vehicle. We need to push it along even when it’s in bad shape. But who will lead it is another story.

Is he saying he’s gone?

“He said the country needed greater unity and that he was committed to working for everyone’s interests while ramping up its competitiveness.”

If he’s pessimistic about his future, perhaps he’s reflecting the fact that to visit Chiang Mai, he required a security force of some 2,000. That’s how “unity” is achieved! But, “the sheer force of both uniform and plainclothes officers failed to stop the protests.” They dogged him at every stop on his itinerary.



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1 07 2022
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