No bail for political prisoners

8 07 2022

Prachatai reports on the (repeated) failed bail efforts for Netiporn and Natthanit, using information from Thai Lawyers for Human Rights. The two have been jailed since 3 May 2022.

Netiporn (l) and Baipor (r), clipped from Prachatai

On 7 July, the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court again denied bail to the two young monarchy reform activists who are in pre-trial detention.

Part of the bail application was regarding health matters, where, after 36 days of hunger strike, both detainees “are exhibiting signs of seriously deteriorating health.”

The presiding judge decided “that the Correctional Hospital is still capable of seeing to the activists’ health needs.” It is reported that a “prison officer and nurse testified that they have just ‘lost some weight’ but [that the two detainees] remained in good spirits.”

It is stated that the “Court considered the request for more than 6 hours, summoning prison nurses and witnesses, before announcing its decision on 7 July.”

Netiporn and Natthanit had their bail revoked on 3 May when the South Bangkok Criminal Court ruled that they had violated bail from previous lese majeste charges when they caused “public disorder at Victory Monument on 13 March 2022 when they organised a poll on land expropriation. During the incident, a small altercation arose between Thaluwang supporters and members of a royalist group that had gathered nearby.”

Their article 112 charges, supplemented by charges of sedition and refusing to comply with a police order when “they conducted a poll on 8 February 2022 at Siam Paragon shopping mall about royal motorcades.”

Other lese majeste charges were brought against them and fellow activist Supitcha Chailom for another survey “on whether it was acceptable for the government to let the King use his powers as he pleases.” That arrest was on 28 April 2022.

Natthanit was also arrested on 22 April 2022 and charged under Article 112 and computer crimes “for sharing a Facebook post about the monarchy budget.”



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