Dancer-activist in 112 arrest

6 08 2022

Clipped from Prachatai FB. Photo attributed to Kaimaew Cheese

Prachatai reports that on 4 August 2022, Mint (pseudonym), a traditional Thai dancer-turned-activist, was arrested at her house on Article 112 and computer crimes.

It is reported that her “crime” was posting a picture of a protest sign criticising the handling of lese majeste cases.

Police officers told Mint “that they were taking her to Yannawa Police Station and that she should tell her lawyer to meet there.”

However, like other recently detained on similar charges, she was actually taken to “the narcotics suppression bureau, which is outside Yannawa police’s jurisdiction.”

A later Prachatai Facebook update stated that a court allowed bail of 200,000 baht. As usual, bail was conditional. She must not repeat her offenses, not interfere with court proceedings, must stay at home between 19.00 -06.00, and must not leave the country.

Currently, at least 28 political dissidents and activists are still being detained.



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