Two activists bailed

6 08 2022

As most readers will know, on 4 August, the South Bangkok Criminal Court finally granted bail for monarchy reform activists Nutthanit Duangmusit and Netiporn Sanesangkhom, both charged with lese majeste.

The two have been held in pre-trial detention for 94 days.

Netiporn (l) and Baipor (r), clipped from Prachatai

As is now usual, those who get bail are placed into restrictive release: each had to post a 200,000 baht security; they are prohibited from repeating their offences and interfering with court proceedings; they must be inside their homes between 19.00-06.00; must not leave the country; and must report to the court every 30 days.

As both were also detained by other courts, their lawyers had to post additional bail requests for those charges. Bail was provided in those cases as well.

After being released from the Central Women’s Correctional Institution at about 20.00, the two were taken for a checkup at a local hospital. Both had been on a hunger strike in protest against repeated refusals of bail. The fast went on for 64 days.



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