Royalists courts play royalist politics I

31 08 2022

Royalist courts continue to engage in political actions. Prachatai reports that “[t]wo women were arrested last Thursday (25 August) and subsequently denied bail on charges of contempt of court, defamation, and using a sound amplifier without permission.”

The complaints were filed “on behalf of judge Santi Chukitsappaisan, Research Justice of the Supreme Court, temporarily acting as the Deputy Chief Justice of the South Bangkok Criminal Court.” Ngoentra Khamsaen and Chiratchaya Sakunthong “were arrested during the night of 25 August on warrants issued by the South Bangkok Criminal Court on a request from Yannawa Police Station…” and were a result of “a protest in front of the South Bangkok Criminal Court on 15 July to demand the right to bail for detained activists.”

The two were not were taken to the Yannawa police station, but like other political prisoners, were initially detained at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau.

Neither woman received a summons before being arrested.

Apparently, amongst other things that annoyed the judges of the South Bangkok Criminal Court, the women “criticized judges … for rulings made in the case of monarchy reform activists Nutthanit Duangmusit and Netiporn Sanesangkhom,” both charged with lese majeste.

After being taken to the South Bangkok Criminal Court, the two were denied bail on the spurious “grounds that their actions were very dangerous to the court and the justice system, since they were rude and accused judges of things that were not true in order to pressure the court, which the court sees as a disregard for the law and an intention to create hatred against it.”

The judges know that they are political tools of the royalist regime and thus seek to silence criticism.

There are another 29 political prisoners currently detained without bail. Two others are under house detention.



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