Rebellious 12 year-old

16 09 2022

Update: This is a post we actually wrote some time ago, and then neglected to publish it. But, this story is so remarkably awful and illustrative of the great fear among royalists that it deserves mention.

Thai Lawyers for Human Right published a long account – well worth reading – on Eia: A 12-year-old child who is a favorite among protestors and who faces up to four years in prison on charges after being arrested at a protest, “merely because he cycled from his home to observe it.” The report states:

A 12-year-old boy was arrested and charged with violating the Emergency Decree due to passing the #13September21Protest in Din Daeng while cycling home. And on 5 May 2022, he went to hear another accusation brought against him in a second political expression case after only half a month had passed since his 13th birthday.

A possible maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment is the gift given by the Thai state to this youth on his 13th birthday.

…“Eia,” a sassy kid with likes to stir people up, especially the police. Previously, he proudly proclaimed that “I love Uncle Tu.” However, being arrested with his beloved bicycle, being prosecuted for the first time due to observing the Din Daeng mob, and seeing the officers respond to Thalugas with excessive violence, he started to comprehend politics anew. He sat down to listen at protests again and again in the hopes of understanding what is happening.

Now,age 13, Eia, agrees with the movement’s demands for the prime minister to resign and the monarchy to be reformed.

After his  arrest, Eia’s

…hands and wrists were bound with cable ties and he was taken to Phahon Yothin Police Station.The police tried to prevent his parents from meeting him. He refused to sign any documents.

In the end, the police officer instead had to take a photo while handing them a copy of the arrest document copy along with video and audio recordings during the interrogation. The boy was charged with violation of the Emergency Decree….

On 23 April 2022, three days after Eia’s thirteenth birthday party, police officers from the Nang Loeng police station notified him of charges for participating in a protest and physically assaulting the police at the protest. This is the second case he is facing.

As a 12, then 13 year old, Eia is the youngest to be arrested in a political case.



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