Updated: More Constitutional Court buffalo manure

1 10 2022

No one really expected that the regime’s Constitutional Court would do anything other than allow the coup leader and dictator to stay in power even longer. Neither the court nor the prime minister have a shred of credibility (except with royalist-military dolts). Rather than go on about the predictable buckling of the junta’s own basic law, here are some links to stories on how the court has again crippled the junta’s own constitution:

Thai PBS

From Ji Ungpakorn’s blog

Constitutional Court rules that PM Prayut’s 8-year term in office has not expired

Prayut vows to push ahead with mega-projects

And the fight continues …

Prayut given political lifeline — but what’s next?

The Nation

Constitutional Court rules Prayut can stay on as PM

Thai private sector unfazed by Prayut’s return to PM’s seat

Thai Enquirer

Constitutional Court votes 6:3 to allow Prayut to remain as Premier, says term began on April 6, 2017

Bangkok Post

Prayut remains PM, court rules tenure ends in 2025

Prayut’s staying put

Business chiefs welcome ‘stability’ ruling will bring

PM still at crossroads

Activists call for major anti-Prayut rally on Saturday

Pheu Thai disagrees with Prayut ruling


Court allows Prayut to stay on as PM, new protest called

Thai Newsroom

Court rules Prayut’s eight-year term has not ended

Prayut returns to power with Constitutional Court support

Doubts cast over righteousness of Constitutional Court’s ruling on Prayut

Lawyer: 3 retired generals win but the country loses

Crisis of confidence in Constitutional Court looms: Academic

Update: The Nation lists the five decisions/piles of buffalo dung where the Constitutional Court has supported him.



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