Remembering 1976: Prelude

4 10 2022

This year, in remembering the state and rightist-royalist massacre of students at Thammasat University, and the associated political repression both before and after the events at Thammasat, PPT is posting some writing from the period.

The first is: Piansiri Ekniyom and G.R. Peterson (1974) Participation: A Constitutional History of Student Involvement. It is profusely illustrated and its contents are:

  • Historical Background of Thai Politics 1932-1973
  • An Account of the Thai Student Movement
  • A Record of the October Incidents
  • Communiques of the Government
  • Resignation Speech of Thanom Kitikachorn
  • Speech of His Majesty the King
  • Speech of Prime Minister Sanya
  • Supreme Headquarters Communique
  • The Months After
  • A Play Without a Rehearsal by Achaan Wittaya Wijithanarak
  • A Chronological Record of Significant Events in Thai Politics
  • A Summary of Thai Constitutional History



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